1718 Bella Vista Street


1718 Bella Vista Street, purchased by William F. Orth, a tobacco company manager

Built by Arthur R. Green in 1927, 1718 Bella Vista Street was originally owned by William F. Orth and Mary Orth. The 3-bedroom plus nursery home was described in newspaper ads of the day as having extensive landscaping. The house was valued at $16,500 in the 1930 Census ($249,415.78 in 2018 dollars).

Unusually for the street that has seen relatively little turnover, the home has had no fewer than five owners during its 91 years, among them Charles R. Ibold of the Ibold cigar-manufacturing family and Rev. Robert J. Grosch. Rev. Grosch was pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Avondale and at one time the chairman of the Cincinnati NAACP political action committee.

The house was stabilized and rehabilitated by the Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation (HURC) in 2015-2016, a subsidiary of The Port.

Former owner Alexis Liu led the Bella Vista Historic District organizing effort and authored the Conservation Guidelines for the district.