1734 Bella Vista Street

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The Cincinnati Enquirer, 16 Aug 1936, Sun, Page 40

A truly unique home, 1734 Bella Vista was erected in 1936 by owner-builder-architect Gustave M. Goldsmith of the Goldsmith Metal Lath Co, which was founded by his father Max S. Goldsmith. As recorded in The Memoirs of The Miami Valley, Vol. III, Mr. Goldsmith was was a graduate of Cornell University, and president of The Mosler Safe Company prior to joining his family firm.

He resided at 1734 Bella Vista with his wife, Alma Meyer Goldsmith, daughter Dorothy and son Gustave, Jr. The home was built to demonstrate The Goldsmith System, a proprietary quick building method employing fireproof materials and resilient architecture, “as safe as a modern skyscraper”, according to an advertisement in The Cincinnati Enquirer. The all-stucco exterior is perhaps best characterized as Mediterranean Revival. Mr. Goldsmith died in 1944. His son, Gustave M. Goldsmith, Jr. continued to reside in 1734 Bella Vista and offered structural engineering services from his home-based office.

Above: Patents filed by The Mosler Safe Company, Gustave M. Goldsmith listed as principal inventor. Click to expand images. Images obtained from Google Patents.